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Photoshop Done So Well, It Needs a Disclaimer

Posted by Ozdachs on July 28, 2009

Roger Arvid Anderson photographic show as envisioned by David Wilson

One of my clients, the sculptor, photographer, and artist Roger Arvid Anderson, had a fun reason to add text to his website recently.

Visitors to his site who were reading a proposal for a Star Spangled photo exhibition were contacting him saying that they liked the photos of his show.

The mock-ups that seemed to show visitors strolling through galleries of Roger’s photographs were being mistaken for actual photos.  So, Roger asked me to add a disclaimer under the first of these Photoshopped pictures to say that the images were digitally manipulated.  Check out all the photos yourself!

Nice to have to such quality work on his site that we needed words to tell people that what their eyes were seeing wasn’t real.

Roger is an art photographer who still uses black and white film. He relied on photographer David Wilson to digitally create  such a realistic gallery.  I have worked with David for a couple of clients, and always appreciate his clear, interesting images. I recommend him whenever you need a professional to capture (or create!) a perfect image.


2 Responses to “Photoshop Done So Well, It Needs a Disclaimer”

  1. see – this kind of photoshopping? this is extremely misleading and risky.

    Digitally displaying his art up at the SF Deyoung Museum and the new Academy of Sciences – could honestly – get him in a lot of trouble. The stairs in the main shot are the central atrium at San Francisco’s Deyoung Museum – and the web designer simply removed art from the … Read Morewalls of many locations of the Deyoung Museum. I would worry a great deal about getting a cease and desist order from the Deyoung and The Academy of Sciences.

  2. Ozdachs said

    Thanks for posting the concern here, too. (I changed moderation settings for this blog, so comments will appear immediately in the future.)

    As I mentioned in email, the artist had already contacted the museum to make sure that they are comfortable with what’s in the pictures.

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